Choosing a Restoration Ironworks

In an era of litigation, any company that doesn't carry liability insurance in the millions and worker's compensation insurance should be immediately and absolutly ruled out as a potential vendor. For various reasons, the company should carry many other coverages, such as operations and completed products. They protect ironworks, but they also protect you.

Two further notes: It's a good sign when a contractor has its broker supply the insurance certificate without being asked. It is free to the contractor, and it shows they take your interests seriously. Also, the description of operations should read "Ornamental Ironworks" - if it does not you may have a problem.

This complete replication of an adjacent stoop in the Fort Greene section of New York City is very common to New York, and is one of the more economical stoop/sidewalk railings to fabricate and install.

Architectural iron Company restored this exquisite all wrought and iron 1905 fence at the Harkness House, Fifth Avenue, New York City. Each component (of which there are several thousand in the section facing the camera), was disassembled and cleaned, since the multitudinous intersections of adjacent pieces made grit blasting of these areas impossible.

Almost everyone asks for references, but how many people check them? Ask for and check references. You may be going to enter into a contract for $25,000 or $250,000. You need to know beforehand the kind of work a contractor does, and if he completes it. Be specific. Ask for references, telephone numbers and contact persons. Do not be ashamed to ask the owner who did the job. We know of one firm that regularly claimed projects Architectural Iron Company had done as jobs they had done! If there is any doubt, ask the potential contractor to produce the signed contract documents for jobs they claim to have done. Check references fully!

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