Choosing a Restoration Ironworks
Another aid in making your decision is to check with a credit reviewing company such as Dun & Bradstreet. D&B physically visits us once a year with a semi-annual written or phone check. They also speak to the company's bankers and suppliers. Included in reports through D&B are printouts on how promptly a company pays its bills. You could have a lein put on your property for materials that your contractors used but did not pay for.(On this subject, a contractor should provide a release of liens on final payment for work done on your behalf).  

Architectural Iron Company's big Mack is equipped with a hydraulic crane capable of lifting 9,450 pounds, and a twenty foot bed among other features. It representsa major investment, but tells you that we are serious about architectural ironwork.

A recent photograph of the largest building in our all new three building complex designed specifically and solely for the restoration and reproduction of period ironwork. This raises our total square footage to over 18,000 square feet, which we believe makes it the largest custom ornamental shop for period ironwork in the country. Visitors are welcome at any time during normal business hours. Try to call ahead, especially if you can't see the shops and the foundry during normal hours.
  Not one of the recognized restoration ironworks in the country has a shop the size of General Motors, but a good shop has a minimum of about 5,000 square feet. A reputable firm has to have that much space to store and use the diverse equipment needed to handle the restoration of eighteenth and nineteenth century ironwork. If a firm claims to cast iron, ask to see their foundry.

Check for a good size flatbed truck(20' bed or larger) with some type of significant crane. Large sections of cast iron or wrought iron fence are very heavy. Our Mack truck and it's crane cost over $80,000, but how can someone without a similiar vehicle handle a large heavy fence or similiar project?

Any firm that does not welcome you with open arms to visit their shop is suspect. Why would they not want you there? We love to have potential customers visit. It is the best way we have to show you work in progress similiar to yours, (and how well we do it), and to enable you to see why the old adage "You get what you pay for" is true.


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